Did you miss the first edition of the OTSO 25K ANDORRA or did you want more? Don't worry, this year we repeat. 

Next October 11 will not be just any Sunday: the second edition of the OTSO 25K ANDORRA. Without going any further, the organization is already working to implement the security protocol established by the Andorran government and to ensure due compliance with all health measures. 

La OTSO 25K ANDORRA is a very powerful asphalt race. It starts in Encamp and ends in Port d'Envalira, the highest paved port in Europe. Reaching 2.408 meters in height, the route accumulates an extreme positive slope, which exceeds 1.000 meters. 

 Throughout the route, several refreshment points are made available to the runners, so that no one has to worry about proper hydration. And with regard to the time limit, we have limited a maximum of 4 hours, since we consider that it is more than enough to be able to enter the finish line without being disqualified. 

This year, unlike in the past, OTSO 25K ANDORRA brings with it a new route to accompany the final journey of the original version (25 kilometers). This time we have incorporated a distance that is equivalent to 8 kilometers. 

Leaving the Grau Roig car park and ending in Port d'Envalira, the new OTSO 8K ANDORRA is suitable for all those who do not dare with a few extra kilometers.

Stay tuned to the Instagram profiles: @otso25kandorra and @otsosport, we will open registrations soon. We will inform you about the schedules, the refreshments, the runner's fair and the collection of the number, as well as about the gifts and much more.

See you soon, dear family!