Camo Orange Microfiber Towel (Outlet)

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  • Microfiber towels Otso They are super light, take up very little space and are useful for swimmers, triathletes, runners, for fitness lovers, ...
  • Both the polyester and the polyamide that compose them are recycled.
  • They absorb body water, sweat and dry quickly.
  • Sublimated with our unique and daring designs on both sides.
  • Being 150 x 75 cm, they are suitable for the pool, the beach, locker rooms, gyms, car seats, and a long etcetera.


  • Made entirely in Europe.
  • Made with recycled polyester and polyamide.
  • Ultra light.
  • Ultra fast drying.


  • Wash at 40 degrees maximum.
  • Do not iron.
  • Do not use whitener.


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