Inscripción OTSO Trail Dog 2022
Inscripción OTSO Trail Dog 2022
Inscripción OTSO Trail Dog 2022
Inscripción OTSO Trail Dog 2022
Inscripción OTSO Trail Dog 2022
Inscripción OTSO Trail Dog 2022
Inscripción OTSO Trail Dog 2022
Inscripción OTSO Trail Dog 2022

Application OTSO Trail Dog 2022

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On October 16, OTSO organizes the third edition of the Trail Dog in Encamp, Andorra. A very special test to enjoy the mountain with the best company. 🐶

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A 3rd edition in style! This year we propose 3 100% Trail Running routes through the beautiful mountains of Encamp. 

7K: 7 Kilometers / 467m Positive Slope

Circular route that offers panoramic views of the parish of Encamp and the mountains that surround it.

Dynamic and fun path with a 2km steep climb to Llac de Pardines, where we go around the lake and do 3km on the flat to start the final 2km descent to the finish line.

No supplies. Only on target.

Official Wikiloc Track: 

12K: 12 Kilometers / 988m Positive Slope

Circular route that offers panoramic views of the parish of Encamp and the mountains that surround it. 

Dynamic and fun path with a 5,5km climb that reaches the highest point of the race, the Refugi dels Agols. The route continues with a descent of technical sections and rollers until the finish line.

With 1 provisioning + provisioning at the finish line.

Official Wikiloc Track:

21K: 21 Kilometers / 1577m Positive Slope

Circular route for teams with experience in mountain outings, which passes through the most emblematic areas of Encamp such as Els Cortals d'Encamp and the famous lakes and d'Ensagents refuge.

Dynamic and challenging route with a long ascent that reaches the highest point of Collada d'Estinyola (2.665m), continuing with technical descent paths and rolling flats.

2 aid stations + aid station at the finish line.

Wikiloc Official Track


La OTSO Trail Dog 2022 will take place at Plaça dels Arínsols, Encamp, Andorra. 📍

The start and finish of the routes, lThe bib and prize delivery, and the small exhibition of the sponsoring brands will be in this same location.

Saturday, October 15:

→ From 10:00 a.m. to 20:00 p.m.: Delivery of numbers

Sunday, October 16:

→ 8:00 a.m.: Departure from the 21K

→ 9:00 a.m.: Departure from the 12K

→ 10:00 a.m.: Departure from the 7K

→ 14:00 p.m.: Awards Ceremony and Raffles


Registration includes:

- Dorsal of the race you choose
- Technical T-shirt OTSO Gift
- Finisher medal for the two team runners 🐶🏅
- Marking of routes, aid stations and control points
- Liquid and solid provisioning for humans and dogs
- Broom runner to close races
- Cup for the first 3 of each race and category in male and female

- €1 donation to the GosSOS Andorra association

Not included:

- Does not include medical insurance: It is mandatory to take out the €5 medical insurance for the race. Only the insurance of Federated Mountain Races of each country will be accepted.

- Material for the test: Each participant must bring the necessary material.


Climb the podium and cup for the top 3 male and female classifieds of each race and category.

There will be total classifications, by race, by gender and by categories.


Senior: from 18 to 40 years old
Veteran: +40 years

- For animal health reasons, some breeds may not be accepted.
- The dog has to be tied to the corridor.
- For distances 21K and 12K: The dog must be tied with a shooting harness.
- For 7K distance: Running or jogging will only be allowed if the dog is on a leash. In other words, if the dog is not on a leash, the tour can only be done on foot.
- OTSO is not responsible for providing material to registrants.

- Minimum age of the dog to participate: 1 year and a half.
- Maximum age of the dog to participate: 10 years.
- The animal must have all the necessary veterinary tests up to date to verify its health status. It is mandatory to present the vaccination card.
- The animal is not allowed to run behind its companion, the dog will have to go ahead or on par at all times.
- The runner can only pull the dog in changes of direction, or when he is distracted to return to the circuit.
- It is compulsory to yield the advance to other teams when the request to 'pass' is heard.
- If the dog is aggressive and has to wear a muzzle, he should use a basket muzzle to allow him to open his mouth.

- Physical or verbal abuse of the animal is strictly prohibited. Any case of violence will result in immediate expulsion from the test.



Only the registration fee will be refundedi for reasons beyond our control and especially due to COVID-19, the Government of Andorra prohibits the celebration of the event.


If the registrant wants to change the race, he must communicate it at the latest the week before the event. If the price of the new registration is higher, he must pay the difference. The career change will not be effective until payment is received. In the event that the price of the new registration is lower, the amount will not be refunded.and the difference in registration price.

To request the change, contact the email:

*The conditions of purchase of registrations are not the same as the conditions of purchase of the products on this website.



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