Kids Swimsuit Chupa Chups Forever Fun

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Our Swimsuit Forever Fun is ideal for the smallest triathletes and swimmers in the family! Made with the best quality fabric and seams that offer a perfect fit to improve your experience in the water and cWith a fun design that will make them want to swim more than ever!

PBT fabric

Our quick-drying PBT fabric is the most hydrodynamic and durable. ORIt offers the least friction with water and the greatest resistance to chlorine thanks to its 100% Polyester PBT composition.


Designed to offer complete freedom of movement and good elasticity for a perfect fit. With non-sag seams, they leave a secure fit and ensure hold for a long life.


Manufactured entirely in the European Union
100% Polyester PBT (ahigh resistance to chlorine)
UV protection factor 50 +

OKETEX certificate


To ensure that our swimsuits maintain their performance optimally, we recommend;

rinse with fresh water after use;
~ do not leave it wet for a long time inside a bag or a closed package
~ do not leave it wet in the sun for a long time inside a bag or a closed package;
~ theVarnish only by hand with delicate laundry soaps;
~ Let it dry naturally away from any source of heat.


    5XS (7-8 Years)
    4XS (9-10 Years)
    3XS (11-12 Years)

    2XS (13-14 Years)