Trunk Hombre Colors
Trunk Hombre Colors

Trunk Man Colors

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With hydrodynamics, comfort and style in mind, our Trunk Colors feel like a second layer of skin perfectly tailored to your body. Ideal for swimmers and triathletes who want to enhance their experience in the water with our performance fabric and fit.

PBT fabric

Our quick-drying PBT fabric is the most hydrodynamic and durable. ORIt offers the least friction with water and the greatest resistance to chlorine thanks to its 100% Polyester PBT composition.


Designed to offer complete freedom of movement and good stretch for a perfect fit. With seams that do not give way, they leave a secure fit and guarantee a long service life.

Manufactured entirely in the European Union
100% Polyester PBT (ahigh resistance to chlorine)
UV protection factor 50 +

OKETEX certificate


To ensure that our swimsuits maintain their performance optimally, we recommend;

rinse with fresh water after use;
~ do not leave it wet for a long time inside a bag or a closed package
~ do not leave it wet in the sun for a long time inside a bag or a closed package;
~ theVarnish only by hand with delicate laundry soaps;
~ Let it dry naturally away from any source of heat.
    Min height Max. Min weight Max.
    S 162 cm 175 cm 64 kg 72 kg
    M 170 cm 182 cm 72 kg 80 kg
    L 178 cm 188 cm 80 kg 87 kg
    XL 187 cm 197 cm 87 kg 94 kg